Day with the Dogs

On the heels of a very successful and surprising 2017 football season, the Fresno State Bulldogs showed promise of yet another Mountain West Championship win.

Beer Talk

Lost Coast Brewery is known, not only as an award-winning California craft brewery, but for its rather unusual beers with some very distinct personalities.

The Most Unusual People

Local PBS channel KVIE-6 realized they had attracted a rather unique following of the strangest people.

Down the Rabbit Hole

In an effort to turn the Humboldt County brand from an immediate association with marijuana, we worked in conjunction with the Humboldt Lodging Alliance and Misfit to create a compelling world of magic…

The Land of the Giants

Tucked away in the rugged and remote corner of northern California, one of the most gorgeous places on the planet is often overlooked and forgotten.

Final Countdown

Played to a packed stadium of 41,000 screaming Bulldog fans before every home game, this short, inspiring film, spoke directly to the hearts of a very enthusiastic crowd.


Coming Soon

Breaking Bread

A Moonracer Films original series, Breaking Bread’s debut season gives viewers a seat at the table with over a dozen of Sacramento’s brightest culinary stars as they celebrate the food and culture of the booming region.

Hidden Legacy

A hugely entertaining television series exploring the strange but true stories and forgotten lore that built the foundation and served to create today’s thriving cities.


Almost nobody loves the NFL more than the faithful cheerleaders who stand on the sidelines of each game, giving everything they’ve got. Little else could explain why they would subject themselves to a game in which they are treated so unfairly.

Eat Responsibly

A rather hilarious and entertaining look into the world of people’s eating habits, this documentary shows all too well…very few of us have really ever learned how to eat.